Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recent Crafts....

With moving and the holidays and busy schedules,
I haven't gotten a lot of crafts done lately.
But here are a few from the last month or so...
Vinyl cut by Cricut - wall plaques for Christmas gifts

Pinterest project for Grace - indoor hopscotch mat...canvas, felt, hot glue and the skin off of my fingers :)

Grace at Nathaniel's class Christmas party

Nathaniel at his class Christmas Party (the layout now includes the title PARTY! on the top of the left hand page - finally got that cut out and put on today...)

First attempt at the twirly ruffle scarf from funky yarn...it's mine but Grace was my model. I've since made two more - one for me or to sell and one as a late Christmas gift for my sister Sarah.
Pics of those later...

Braided infinity scarf - another pinterest project that didn't really have a pattern so I kind of made it up...used Simply Soft yarn I'd bought for another project years ago...Merry Christmas Carol (if you see this before I get it mailed!)
Again, Grace was my model (I bribed her to let me take pictures of her in some scarves...told her I'd take pictures of her with funny faces afterwards...it worked)

Third scarf (yes, for my third sister, surprise Carrie if you see this before I get it in the mail)...another pinterest pattern - no pattern actually, just step by step pictures in another language but I figured it out, more or less. Fun scarf, but I don't know if I'd do it again anytime soon.
Again, Simply Soft yarn.