Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vinyl fun...

I've been wanting to do vinyl wall quotes for ages. Finally, I took the time to do it. It was part of Brian's Father's Day. He wanted this:

I used the Design studio program for all of these.  I welded "you" and "pray" using the program.
I used Cherry Limeade, Once Upon a Princess and Alphalicious for these letters.
I'd made these little swirly things to go at either end of the prayer quote, but decided I didn't like them. I like them here very well...they were on the Storybook cartridge. I may add something more -not sure yet.

This is one the kids asked for. My tan vinyl didn't show up as well as I'd hoped, but we know it's there. I used the Home Décor cartridge for the word "love" and Lyrical Letters for "is spoken here". This was my first wall vinyl attempt. The contact paper I was using as transfer tape was too tacky or something and things did not go well (probably being as it was pushing 1130 at night and I was balancing on the arm rest of the futon didn't help either). I used extra wide masking tape as my transfer tape the next day on all the rest and had no problems at all.

When we were at Brian's sister's last week, I loved how they had "Welcome" in vinyl on their front door.
So this is one I wanted :) I used Alphalicious and Bloom cartridges.

This was a quote I found on line because I wanted something in the kitchen :)
I used the Winter Frolic cartridge (for Season - I cut off the trees that were attached), Botanicals (capital letters) and Home Décor (love and hearts) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More butterfly hats...

This one turned out infant size...I did it with the same size hook as I did the white one (G or H, I can't remember now) but it's a finer yarn. Going to try this with a different stitch for the body of the hat above the butterfly.

I did a little variation on this one..I did a cross-over or twist stitch on the body of the hat above the butterfly (you can kind of see it in the picture) and then used a contrasting color for the last row and the center of the butterfly. This one would probably fit Grace, but if I tried it on her she'd decide it was hers and it's really for the craft fair/gift/sell bag.

I've been wanting to see if this looked nice in just plain white, and it does. Again, this is probably the same size as the purple one, but I can't have Grace model it until she understands that not every hat is hers :)


Well, I didn't really get much done for MSD this year. Just so many other things going on this month. This is one that I did for "Italy" a few weeks back. I never got it posted on the Storytellers site because I never had time to take a picture of it until yesterday.

Joshua - two years ago - with a lemonade stand to raise money for our library to help with costs so it didn't close. He raised over $100. I used a Storytellers kit for this, but I'm not sure what year it was from. loved the bright summery colors :)