Saturday, October 27, 2012

ST Fall Cyber Crop LO (plus a new hat)

This was for the Graveyard Grunge challenge at storytellers club. We had to distress at least 75% of the elements of the LO. So I tore, "sanded" (used an emery board on the edges of all the photos), and inked everything.
The patterned paper is Recollections, the orange cardstock is SEI and the green is Bazzill. The cuttlebug folder I used on the photo mat was from the Give a Hoot Cricut Companion Collection. The alphabet stamps I've had for eons and can't remember where I got them, staples are just staples and I used a green Creative Memories pen for the journaling.
SO happy - this is the first layout I've done since late July!!


This was my 4th and final Frankenstein hat!!  This went to Utah for my nephew - his mom's request is what got me started on these to begin with.
I've done three sizes and ended up writing my own pattern based on one I found on pinterest to get the original 3/6 month size hat to fit 6 & 10 year old heads (because once he found out I was making them for his 6 yo brother and  6 yo cousin, my 10 yo wanted one too...and ended up with the first one because it was two big for the younger boys).
I'll post pictures of the other ones later.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Froggie (and revised pumpkin head)

I saw a frog hat on pinterest and thought it was so cute - but there was no pattern with it. So, between 3 pictures, 4 patterns and my own idea, I created this cute little froggie hat.
I see hats with these braided ties all over the place so wanted to give one a try. I used Simply Soft Pistachio (I think) for most of it, and then some random white and Red Heart black for the rest of it.
I wrote down most of what I did.
Now I need to finish it and then try it again to see if it works :)
This one is for the craft fair.

Reluctant model again...but I got a couple better pictures of my Pumpkin Head :)
She stretched it out so badly the first time she wore it, that it fell over her face. I asked my crochet expert (my grandma) and she said I could do a single crochet decrease around the bottom and that should make it fit better, and keep her from stretching it so easily.
So, yesterday evening sitting at a soccer game, I did just that - and it fits perfectly now and hasn't stretched out much (even when she used it for a bag to carry Duplo blocks in this evening.) I wrote down this pattern too, but need to do it again to see if I missed anything.
Now, I need to finish the Frankenstein hats that got me started on this...and finish some scrapbook layouts, and do some new layouts, oh yeah, and housework...and write a talk for Church on never ends :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Head

I've been calling Grace that for ages :) And now she really is one. I adapted a Frankenstein Hat pattern and changed things, etc. and made a jack o'lantern hat. (Frankenstein ones are in progress). I used simply soft pistachio for the stem and red heart pumpkin (left over from Nathaniel's scarf) for the main part of the hat. And then felt cut outs for the facial features (I guess jack o'lanterns have faces). Grace loves it, but I wish I'd taken a picture when I first finished it and put it on her because she stretched it out so badly. Gotta' figure out how to fix that.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some more scarves

This is some "fun fur" or "fun fiber" or whatever you call it that I've had kicking around for several years. I finally decided I wanted to do something with it and just did this quick double crochet scarf - with a large hook, can't remember what size it was, I think I wrote it down. It's not overly wide and not too long - just a nice fun scarf.

This is a ruffle scarf that I made off of a free pattern from Red Heart I picked up at JoAnns over Christmas Vacation. I totally ignored the yarn suggestions, both color and type, and how they did the colors (each "side" a different color - and the colors they used - just didn't look good) I like to play with different kinds of yarns - sometimes the work out and sometimes they don't. This red is a soft warm one, and the white is a lighter, pearly one - kind of pain to work with at times. It turned out so nice!
Brian calls it my "Mrs. Claus" scarf because of the colors.

Both of these are in my craft fair collection to try and sell this winter. I need to make some more if I can get over my thing for hats :) 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another hat and a couple of layouts

I made this hat to go with a sweater my grandma knit for Grace for her birthday. I loved the colors...and I have fabric to make a dress for her that has flecks of of orange in it and will be nice and fallish with this hat and the sweater.
I knew what kind of hat I wanted to go with the sweater, but I had to find a pattern...preferably a free one. I finally found this one on Pinterest. The bow didn't work with what I had in mind, I wanted a pom pom on top (I think I'm going to go back and make a little bigger one though). I ended up making two...i thought this one was just too big for Grace, but the smaller one I made was too small. I looked at the original picture again and saw that it is really designed to pull down over the ears...tried it again and it's a little big, but it works :)
This was a really fun pattern - I love when I learn new stitches or something (I learned how to do two hdc together to decrease and a popcorn!)
The yarn is actually from my great grandmother's stash that my grandma has...old Dazzleaire - soft and fuzzy and fun!

These two layouts are for Nathaniel's baby book. I did them in July, but just finally had a chance to get out my Cricut and alphabet stickers and finish them up with titles.
The BROTHER'S KEEPER layout used bazzil CS, costco CS, the Zoo Day Cricut Cart. alphabet, CM journaling block & pen...and i can't remember the plaid paper -I've had it for ages.
DADDY'S BOY is done on some embossed brown CS (can't remember that either), some blue CM CS, the star punch is CM as are the little blue alphabet stickers (which I outlined in brown). The brown alpha stickers are Storyteller's Club.
The fiber is some I've had for awhile too...hopefully in the next week or so I'll get the other LOs I did in July finished up.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby blankets and hats

I have two first cousins. They are both younger than I am - around the ages of my two youngest sister. They were both expecting babies this summer - yay more babies in the family!!  One cousin was expecting her 3rd daughter and her sister was expecting her first baby - a little boy!
The little girl arrived in early July...this is her blanket. I used a pattern I'd seen in a JoAnns' flyer a year or so ago and had just been waiting to try it out. I made the border on it white instead of the same color of the blanket as the pattern said. I like the contrast much better. I can't even remember if the pattern had a name, but I called it the Heart Blanket because the stitches are a cross over double crochet and that made it look like little hearts :) The yarn was some my grandma had given me years ago and I finally put it to use :)

I've been on a hat kick lately - and with the great niece and nephew that arrived in March, I started doing hats to send with the blankets I make (because I have too many patterns to make them all for Grace, poor girl would have to wear 2 hats a day)
So I decided for my cousin, to make matching hats for her three daughters. At least matching in colors and hat pattern - I made each flower different. The pattern is one that I got from a designer in New Zealand I think (one of my few not free patterns, but it was so worth the $4! I love it!)

A1 - she's 5 years old

A2 - she is 2 years old
A3 - the new baby

All my cousin's girls have names that start with A and they are so cute!!! I've only met A1 in person - when she was two and they came out for my youngest sister's wedding. There are a lot of states between us in California and them in Tennessee, sadly.

My other cousin's little boy came into the world in mid-August. Such a cutie!  I had a hard time with his blanket, though. I wanted to use this yarn so much...but every pattern I tried (3 knit ones and 2 crochet ones, I think), just didn't work with this busy Simply Soft yarn. But I was not going to find a different yarn. This was the one I was going to do! Brian kept saying, "Do the same pattern as the pink one, that's a nice one." Well, I wanted to do something different, I have so many patterns that I want to try, I didn't want to do a repeat so soon. Plus, I didn't want to do the same blankets for these new little first cousins. Finally, after a month and a half, I tried that JoAnns' pattern and wow - did I love the results. So glad I thought of that :) And, in this busier multi-colored yarn, the "hearts" don't show up and it looks very masculine and doesn't look like the pink blanket. So I was happy. I think the body of the blanket was done in Driftwood and the border was done in Bone - both Simply Soft by Caron.

And then, of course, the hat. Now this little boy's dad wears hats a lot - it's how we find him when he's on TV with the band he plays with ('cause I know nothing about guitars and couldn't tell what was a bass and what was whatever the others are called for anything). So I knew when I came across this pattern right after we learned my cousin was expecting, that if she had a boy, this was the hat I'd make. I found this pattern on pinterest and online somewhere for free. It was newborn size, but I just used a bigger hook to make it a little larger since he's now almost 2 months old and I just finished it last week.
The tweedy yarn is more stuff that my grandma gave me years split a lot, but it was the perfect color and texture for this little newsie hat. The button was from my scrapbooking stash.
Now, I just need to find a box to put these in and send them off to Tennesse!