Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally, some scrapping and other time...the hard way

Being as Brian had to have a bowel resection (thank you, Crohn's Disease) last month, and was in the hospital for 11 days, I had some time to not only scrapbook, but also to crochet and knit.  Here are my non-scrapping projects that I finished during our almost 3 weeks away (we had to stay in the Sacramento area for a few days after he got out of the hospital because he wasn't up to the 5 hour drive home and back for his post-op appointments).

This is some vintage (sounds better than old) yarn that my grandma gave me. I was going to make a shawl with it, but there wasn't enough, so I ripped it out and crocheted myself a scarf.

This is a poncho I knit for Grace (my first knitting project that is not a scarf!). I love how it turned out, this was my practice one...I have some sparkly fuschia yarn to make another one for her, but I might have to change my plan since she won't let me put this over her head.
The butterfly is crocheted and took maybe 15 mintues to do...very cute.

This is a baby blanket that I started at the end of my pregnancy with Grace...not knowing if she was a boy or a girl.  I'd completed a pink one already, but started this to be safe.  About a week before she finally arrived, we found out she was going to be Grace not Andrew, so I stopped working on this.  And in the past 20-some months, I've worked on it at various doctor appointments - for me, the kids and Brian.  I finished it while he was in ICU.
Now it waits until someone has a boy :)

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