Sunday, March 31, 2013

Latest crochet projects...

I still have a bunch of layouts that I haven't gotten around to uploading, but tonight I think I'll just share my most recent completed crochet projects.

I saw this pattern in a "Crochet 1-2-3" magazine of my mom's. I loved it and thought...hey, let's try a circular blanket and see how it goes. I used Simply Soft yarn (love using this for baby blankets because it is SO SOFT!) and thankfully, my MTC comp was having a baby so I had a reason to make this. I finally finished it and got it mailed off to her last week and she received it so now I'll post pictures here...I hope her little one (#6) enjoys this blanket. Now I'm working on a full size afghan for Brian - it's his birthday present (which was a week ago) that is still in progress.

I saw this pattern on Pinterest a few months ago and then Grace became a Hello Kitty fanatic and saw this while I was looking for another pattern on my Knit,Crochet board...yeah, well, it suddenly jumped to the top of my to-do pile. 

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