Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2014 crafts....

Wow - didn't realize I hadn't put anything up here in almost a year!! We moved again over the summer (hopefully the last time for a very long time)  and just have been busy. Here are some of the things I did last year...okay, just looked at my last post - it was exactly a year ago that I had last updated...wild.

Grace's Christmas present...a corkscrew hat and matching scarf. I'd seen hats like this on pinterest, but no pattern. Wasn't hard to make my own :)
I wasn't sure about this yarn - but decided I love it and have more to eventually make a cool blanket with :)
This was the first corkscrew scarf I ended up going to Nathaniel's teacher for a Christmas gift :)

Combination of a couple of patterns I found on pinterest...craft fair items...they didn't sell this year, maybe next year :)

My sister Sarah's Christmas gift last year...made a bunch of these. Graduation gift for a niece and gifts for my five sister-in-laws.

Another baby blanket set...Simply soft green and the white has some sparkle in it. Same pattern as the rainbow one I did last year...which got sent to a new great-niece last week :)

The apple hat plus a few other baby hats I did this fall for the craft fair (the pastel one sold)...Shadow insisted on being in the picture.

I didn't get much scrapbooking done this year...and most of the ones I did (all of Joshua's put the New Year's one) were ones that I had started when we lived in Fort Jones and just hadn't finished before THAT move. Hopefully soon I'll get back to that!

This spring, right before the latest move, I decided to try making some Barbie was fun, but I didn't have much time. I made Grace a couple more skirts at Christmastime and hope to get back to making more Barbie and doll clothes this coming spring (we've made a few doll outfits too) Great way to use of scraps and sometimes (as is shown in some later pictures) she even gets matching clothes with her dolls :)

Some more crayon caddies for the craft fair and gifts

This was Grace's Easter dress...she really wanted me to make her an Easter dress...which got me back to sewing. I learned new things on this dress which made it fun :) She loves it!

After making her Easter dress, I finally got around to girlifying some of the boys' old shorts that she wears...the rainbow twill I'd picked up on clearance years ago for scrapbooking was perfect for it!

I made her a quick purple velvet skirt out of some bit of fabric someone gave me a few years of her favorite colors.

Grace got invited to several birthday parties last spring and we had fun making cards for her friends.

Christmas PJs!!  The boys are still waiting for the tops to theirs...I ran out of time and still haven't made it back to my sewing room to finish them...hopefully in the next week or two. Grace prefers nightgowns...she's gotten two so far. The boys have a few more pairs of PJ pants that I made them. Joshua had outgrown all of his from previous years and desperately need some. It was cheaper to buy flannel when JoAnns had it on sale and make a pair than to buy some at Walmart. They had some great sales on flannel during the fall and holiday season. I probably have plenty to make next year's, but I'll still be watching the sales :)

This was Grace's minnie mouse had that I made her two or three years ago...but the ears were too floppy. I was always going to do something to make them stand up, but never did. We found it in a box and decided to just take the ears off and make a cute hat with a bow on top...the two ears are now rugs in her doll house.

Here are the two nightgowns that I made Grace for her birthday - along with matching ones for her dolls. 

This is Grace's birthday dress!  Another pattern that taught me new things - I love that!! We were both very happy with how it turned out...except that it needs to be ironed - not one of my happy things.
I told her it was "vintage" she didn't get it - the fabric is stuff from my Grandma Darlene that she'd had for awhile. It was perfect for this pattern. We're going to make another dress off of the pattern this spring...and make me a skirt that is similar in the tiers to match :)
This is one of two summer nightgowns I made Grace last spring. I made a pattern off of a store bought one she liked. This one I made out of t-shirt fabric so it was more comfortable. The other one I made her I made out of regular cotton fabric and it didn't give much room to move around in.
Saw this pattern on pinterest (surprise surprise) in purples. Liked it, but looked at my yarn wall and saw these colors together and thought it would make a pretty scarf. It was for the craft fair and didn't sell...I was disappointed at first, but then, after I got a pumpkinish colored long sleeve tee shirt, decided I was glad because they go together perfectly and it's okay if I make myself something every once in awhile ;)

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