Monday, May 28, 2012

Flat Stanley...

In kindergarten here, they read Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown and the make Flat Stanleys and mail them around the world to friends and family.
So far,these are the only that we know he's received. Hopefully in the backlog pile that his teacher has, she'll find some others of his. His almost twin (they're a month apart) cousin Geddy received a visit from Flat Stanley/Nathaniel and he showed FSN a good time in Payson, UT.
Then he and his mom emailed us the pictures, which I printed out and made this layout with.
Nathaniel loved the layout! And someday wants to go visit Geddy and his cool playground :)


  1. Hi Beth, If you would like to send me a flat Stanley I will take him around and show him Australia. I think it is a great way to teach kids about where there are different places. By the way I love your blog. I am on Kindred Creations as pussycat3337. Cheers

  2. Sorry Beth I am Maria3337 I used to that on the other one when it was working. LOL