Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some more scarves

This is some "fun fur" or "fun fiber" or whatever you call it that I've had kicking around for several years. I finally decided I wanted to do something with it and just did this quick double crochet scarf - with a large hook, can't remember what size it was, I think I wrote it down. It's not overly wide and not too long - just a nice fun scarf.

This is a ruffle scarf that I made off of a free pattern from Red Heart I picked up at JoAnns over Christmas Vacation. I totally ignored the yarn suggestions, both color and type, and how they did the colors (each "side" a different color - and the colors they used - just didn't look good) I like to play with different kinds of yarns - sometimes the work out and sometimes they don't. This red is a soft warm one, and the white is a lighter, pearly one - kind of pain to work with at times. It turned out so nice!
Brian calls it my "Mrs. Claus" scarf because of the colors.

Both of these are in my craft fair collection to try and sell this winter. I need to make some more if I can get over my thing for hats :) 

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  1. I like the red and white one. I only do dishcloths. there fast and easy.