Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Froggie (and revised pumpkin head)

I saw a frog hat on pinterest and thought it was so cute - but there was no pattern with it. So, between 3 pictures, 4 patterns and my own idea, I created this cute little froggie hat.
I see hats with these braided ties all over the place so wanted to give one a try. I used Simply Soft Pistachio (I think) for most of it, and then some random white and Red Heart black for the rest of it.
I wrote down most of what I did.
Now I need to finish it and then try it again to see if it works :)
This one is for the craft fair.

Reluctant model again...but I got a couple better pictures of my Pumpkin Head :)
She stretched it out so badly the first time she wore it, that it fell over her face. I asked my crochet expert (my grandma) and she said I could do a single crochet decrease around the bottom and that should make it fit better, and keep her from stretching it so easily.
So, yesterday evening sitting at a soccer game, I did just that - and it fits perfectly now and hasn't stretched out much (even when she used it for a bag to carry Duplo blocks in this evening.) I wrote down this pattern too, but need to do it again to see if I missed anything.
Now, I need to finish the Frankenstein hats that got me started on this...and finish some scrapbook layouts, and do some new layouts, oh yeah, and housework...and write a talk for Church on never ends :)

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  1. Adorable! Love the froggy especially! Sorry to get you started down this path by drawing your attention to Frankie. But it looks like so much fun, almost makes me wish I could crochet!