Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2nd MSD Challenge

This is the May 2nd challenge...Twentyfourseven.  (All the challenges relate to reality shows somehow - I guess...I don't watch too many, so I'm not 100% sure).  Anyway, we had to use 24 of one thing and 7 of another.  I used 7 pictures of Joshua and 24 brads.  These pictures were taken at a beach in San Diego in June 2007.  After we'd gone to Arizona to visit grandparents and great-grandparents, we came back via San Diego with side trips to Sea World and the Zoo.  Joshua wanted to go to the beach so badly...and we managed to squeeze in a quick stroll.
Woo-hoo!!  This won the prize for the Twentyfourseven challenge :)  It's always so exciting when my name gets drawn out of the hat - I think the kids get more excited than I do that Mommy won something :)
In a week or so, we'll get an exciting package of scrapping goodies in the mail from Storytellers :)

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