Sunday, May 15, 2011

MSD 13

May 13th Challenge was title X Marks the Spot...I have no clue what reality show that one is.  I wasn't sure how to use this one as we had to not only mark something with an X on our page, but also use "X Marks the Spot" as the title on our page.  I kept thinking pirates. Then yesterday afternoon we went geocaching for a bit...I realized that was a perfect use of X Marks the Spot.  So I scrapped some pictures for N's book of geocaching that we did last Augst.  The paper is older than he is...some I've had for probably 6 years that I got in a booklet by Hot Off the Press.  The metal Xs are from Joanns - bought about the same time.  The journaling box & arrow are made from CM paper.  He totally loves it...and I'm so thrilled to finally have used this paper that I never knew what I'd use it for, but just kept hanging on to it for some reason :)

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