Saturday, May 21, 2011

MSD 20 - Nathaniel carving Pumpkins 2008

The challenge for May 20th was Iron Chef...the secret ingredient to be used was stamping...and not just slap a stamped image on somewhere, it had to be fancied up.
So I used Nathaniel's Cars glitter glue pens (which I figure is just like Stickles, but I've got a way better variety for free) and colored pencils.  The paper & cut outs (parentheses & Pumpkin) are from Storytellers and the cardstock is Bazzill (from ST as well).
I colored all the pumpkin stamps, but the row of pumpkins have glittery green stems & vines added, as well as the tiny pumpkin in front being cut out from another image and "popped" up on the front of this one.  The cat has neon green eyes. THe pens used were from Creative Memories

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