Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MSD 21 & 22

I've gotten the challenges done in time, but just haven't had a chance to put them on here...
The May 21st was called Ghost Lab (no idea what that show was).  Supposed to use a transparency or something transparent.  I used the plastic cover from an old Cricut mat and cut out a spider web from the Mini Monsters cartridge.  Then I traced it with glitter glue.  The perfect embellishment for a page about a young Spider-Man!

The May 22nd challenge was Who Do You Think You Are? - the celebrity genealogy show on NBC.  I've been doing a little research on my great-grandpa and his service in World War I (due to a book my 9 year old read that made him rethink all of his battling games (Star Wars, etc.) and question war).  My mom had a picture of him in his uniform, an envelope from a letter he sent home, page 5 of a poem that he wrote about a Solider's Life (no idea where the other pages are), a letter from a commanding officer that talked about what they did, and a copy of a letter from Teddy Roosevelt (yes, the president), thanking his Engineering company (he was a Private and an Engineer in France) for marking the grave of his son Quentin.  I did a little research on that, not knowing that not only did Teddy's youngest son die in World War, but that Teddy died just 6 months after his son.
Then I signed up for a two week trial on ancestry so that I could get a copy of his Draft Registration card and Service card.  This kit from Creative Memories was perfect for all these aged documents and the sepia picture.
Makes me have more questions about him...he died 11 years before I was born, my mom was only 10.  I have a few stories that my great-grandma told me.  But I wonder why he never married until he was 32 (Grandma was 21), what did he do in France during the war, besides build & repair bridges and roads and make maps...did he fight in any battles? Was he really exposed to mustard gas and that is why he was bald (a story my mom remembers hearing)?
And how did he react and what did he think of France & Europe, coming there from this valley that is not very populated now, almost 100 years later, where he was a miner.  I remember how totally different things seemed to me when I lived in Spain - and that was during peace, not war.
I love genealogy...even when it leaves me with more questions than answers.

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