Thursday, May 19, 2011

MSD 17

The Challenge for May 17th was Food Revolution and we were supposed to use 5 specific things (journaling in strips, metal, paint, flower, ribbon/fiber/etc) day has been crazy today and not all in good ways...oldest son had meltdown at dentist for fillings, husband in hospital with flare up of his Crohn's disease, youngest two still runny noses from their colds, household chores I just can't keep up with...and that's just the beginning.  High School Musical 3 was on tonight - one of my guilty pleasures - so I watched it as I put a fussy baby to sleep and drew my pathetic & scary drawings.  As I did this I remembered a bright spot in the day - my 4 1/2 year old picked me a dandelion because he loves me :)
Hopefully tomorrow will be better - husband coming home (as long as he's not in pain and they give him meds so I don't have to be taking him back to the ER this weekend), runny noses dry up, sore mouth feels better, etc.

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